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Stacey Knowles

"I was nervous to try this, but had an amazing experience! I have several "issues" going on - from Fibromyalgia, to a bad neck & back, to a torn Achilles tendon. All of these things were relieved by floating! It felt really nice, and I would highly recommend it! I hope to be able to float again!!"

Jacob Carr

"Oh man....that was an hour of bliss. I will definitely return. I felt relaxed and that lasted for two days. I also noticed that my sleep was better. FitBit says my avg sleep is 5 hrs 46 min per night. The night after my float was 8 hrs 8 min. I was in bed roughly the same amount of time, but didn't have all the wake ups and restlessness as usual."

Angelica Labastida

"This was my first time and definitely not my last....I was instantly relaxed and calm. Tranquility, soothing and weightless feeling throughout my session and pain free!!! I suffer from hip and lower S.I. back pain, not once did I feel discomfort, but instead relief."
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How is Floating Beneficial for Athletes?
Listen to what Stephen Curry has to say:


Create mental clarity and alertness, improve creativity, problem solving, learning and reduce anxiety and depression. Help free yourself from bad habits!


Pain relief is only 60 minutes away! The majority of floaters reached a point of having zero pain to only mild pain after only a few sessions. Why wait?


Improve athletic performance, speed up and prevent sport injuries, decrease cortisol, ACTH, lactic acid and adrenaline, boost immune function and more!


Promote total calm and peaceful relaxation. Improve sleep, eliminate fatigue and jet lag, alleviate stress and energize your entire body.
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